Project (May 2017 – April 2021)

Project (May 2017 – April 2021)

The global CO2 emissions have been in steady increase for more than 50 years inducing global warming. The CO2 emissions mainly derive from the use of fossil fuels, i.e. oil, natural gas and coal. Today, more than 80% of total primary energy is produced globally by fossil fuels. In order to cut down CO2 emissions, the fossil resources have to be at least partially replaced by renewable alternatives.

The renewable resources are diverse and often subject to seasonal and local availability changes. Therefore, a wide range of flexible technologies are needed for the renewable energy production. The major bottleneck in many of the available technologies is the investment and production cost. The COMSYN project combines latest technological innovations for a feasible biofuel production concept.

Our key objectives in COMSYN

  • Use diverse raw materials for biomass gasification. > Cuts down raw material costs.
  • Increase the filtration temperature of biomass gasification gas. > Improves process thermal efficiency.
  • Use membrane technology for oxygen feed. > Expensive oxygen plant is not needed.
  • Remove sulfur from product gas by sorbents. > Expensive chemical processing is not needed.
  • Use intensified, modular Fischer-Tropsch technology for the liquid fuel production. > Decreased investment costs.
  • Take advantage of the economics of scale by upgrading the Fischer-Tropsch products in an existing oil refinery. > Decreased production costs.
  • Screen the most advantageous process integration, concept design and business possibilities. > Concept ready for commercialization.

With the support of the European Commision

The COMSYN project started on 1st May, 2017, and will run for the next four years. It receives funding of EUR 5.1 million from EU Horizon 2020 Competitive Low-Carbon Energy call 08-2016. The aims of this specific call are to reduce biofuel cost significantly, increase conversion efficiency, diversify raw material base, reduce emissions, create job opportunities, and increase the flexibility and productivity of industrial processes.


Compact Gasification and Synthesis process

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