Scientific peer-reviewed papers

All the open access scientific publications of COMSYN project are available in the OpenAIRE ( which supports the EC’s Open Access policies.

Experimental Bench-Scale Study of Residual Biomass Syngas Desulfurization Using ZnO-Based Adsorbents
C. Frilund, P. Simell, E. Kurkela, P. Eskelinen, Energy & Fuels 2020 34 (3), 3326-3335

Desulfurization of Biomass Syngas Using ZnO-Based Adsorbents: Long-Term Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Experiments
C. Frilund, P. Simell, N. Kaisalo, E. Kurkela, M.L. Koskinen-Soivi, Energy & Fuels 2020 34 (3), 3316-3325


PhD 2019

  • Lukáš Filip, Mathematical modeling of biomass gasification and subsequent Fischer Tropsch process – UniCRE

Master’s Theses 2018 – 2020

  • Viivi Kivelä, Filtration of biomass-based gasification gas at elevated temperatures – VTT, 2018
  • Julian Baudner, Intensified, Two-Stage Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Gasification Product – IT, 2018
  • Jihong Yim, Preparation of oxygen permeable gastight disk-type perovskite membranes by dry pressing – VTT, 2018
  • Tyko Viertiö, Atomic layer deposition coatings for catalytic high-temperature filtration of gasification gas – VTT, 2019
  • Eliška Prokopová, Hydrocracking of petroleum feedstocks with the addition of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products – UniCRE, 2019
  • Jakub Rozhon, Experimental study of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products cracking – UniCRE, 2019
  • Jan Jenčík, Liquid biofuels based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis – UniCRE, 2020

Bachelor Theses 2019

  • Jan Doležal, Hydrocracking of common products of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis – UniCRE, 2019
  • Tuan Anh Le, Creation and tunning of the mathematical model of an industrial steam-cracking reactor – UniCRE, 2019


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