Scientific peer-reviewed papers

  • Experimental Bench-Scale Study of Residual Biomass Syngas Desulfurization Using ZnO-Based Adsorbents
      C. Frilund, P. Simell, E. Kurkela, P. Eskelinen, Energy & Fuels 2020 34 (3), 3326-3335
  • Desulfurization of Biomass Syngas Using ZnO-Based Adsorbents: Long-Term Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Experiments,   C. Frilund, P. Simell, N. Kaisalo, E. Kurkela, M.L. Koskinen-Soivi, Energy & Fuels 2020 34 (3), 3316-3325
  • Hydrocracking of Fischer-Tropsch Wax
    Pleyer O., Straka, P., Vrtiska, D., Hájek, J., Černý, R., 2020 Paliva, 12/2020: 26-33
  • Hydrocracking of a Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil with Fischer–Tropsch Wax,
    Pleyer, O.; Vrtiška, D.; Straka, P. et al., Energies 2020, 13 (20), 5497
  • Fischer‐Tropsch Wax from Renewable Resources as an Excellent Feedstock for the Steam‐Cracking Process
    Karaba, A., Rozhon, J., Patera, J., Hájek, J. and Zámostný, P., (2021) Chem. Eng. Technol., 44: 329-338
  • Small- to Medium-Scale Deep Syngas Purification: Biomass-To-Liquid Multi-Contaminant Removal Demonstration, C. Frilund, S. Tuomi, et al., Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol 148, 2021
  • Activated Carbons for Syngas Desulfurization: Evaluating Approaches for Enhancing Low-Temperature H2S Oxidation Rate, C. Frilund, et al. ChemEngineering 2021, 5(2), 23;
  • Advanced biofuels based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for applications in gasoline engines, J. Jenčík, V. Hönig, M. Obergruber, J. Hájek, et al., Materials 2021, 14(11), 3077;
  • Advanced biofuels based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis for applications in diesel engines, J. Jenčík, V. Hönig, M. Obergruber, J. Hájek, et al., Materials 2021, , 14(11), 3077;
  • Atomic layer deposition coated filters in catalytic filtration of gasification gas, Viertiö, Tyko; Kivelä, Viivi; Putkonen, Matti; Kihlman, Johanna; Simell, Pekka, Catalysts 2021, 11(6), 688;
  • Development of a Simplified Gas Ultracleaning Process: Experiments in Biomass Residue-Based Fixed-Bed Gasification Syngas, C. Frilund, E. Kurkela, I. Hiltunen, Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery  Journal,
  • Techno-economically-driven identification of ideal plant configurations for a new biomass-to-liquid process – A case study for Central-Europe, S. Maier, S. Tuomi, J. Kihlman, E. Kurkela, R-U. Dietrich, Energy Conversion and Management, Vol 247, Nov. 2021,
  • Investigation of impurities influence on Cobalt-based catalysts in compact microchannel reactors, P. Pfeifer, P. Zimmermann, M. Loewert, M. Selinsek, et al. , Open Research Europe, 05/2021


PhD, From 2019 onwards

  • Lukáš Filip, Mathematical modeling of biomass gasification and subsequent Fischer Tropsch process  – ORLEN UniCRE
  • Olga Pleyer, Production of advanced biofuels using Fisher-Tropsch synthesis. The expected date of defense: 2022 – ORLEN UniCRE
  • Christian Frilund, “The research on the ultra-cleaning of the biomass gasification gas”. The expected date of the defense: 2022 – VTT

Master’s Theses 2018 – 2021

  • Viivi Kivelä, Filtration of biomass-based gasification gas at elevated temperatures – VTT, 2018
  • Julian Baudner, Intensified, Two-Stage Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Gasification Product – INERATEC, 2018
  • Jihong Yim, Preparation of oxygen permeable gastight disk-type perovskite membranes by dry pressing – VTT, 2018
  • Tyko Viertiö, Atomic layer deposition coatings for catalytic high-temperature filtration of gasification gas – VTT, 2019
  • Eliška Prokopová, Hydrocracking of petroleum feedstocks with the addition of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products – ORLEN UniCRE, 2019
  • Jakub Rozhon, Experimental study of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis products cracking – ORLEN UniCRE, 2019
  • Paula Zimmermann, Deaktivierungsmechanismen und Anforderungen an die Gasreinheit bei der Fischer-Tropsch-Synthese – INERATEC, 2019
  • Jan Jenčík, Liquid biofuels based on Fischer-Tropsch synthesis – ORLEN UniCRE, 2020
  • Emna Dhauoadi, Load Flexible Process Control Of Intensified, Two-Stage Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Of Biomass Gasification Product – INERATEC, 2020
  • Šárka Výborná, Standardization of Fischer-Tropsch products into motor gasoline – ORLEN UniCRE

Bachelor’s Theses 2019

  • Jan Doležal, Hydrocracking of common products of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis – ORLEN UniCRE, 2019
  • Tuan Anh Le, Creation and tunning of the mathematical model of an industrial steam-cracking reactor – ORLEN UniCRE, 2019
  • Lauri Nikkari, Carbon formation in catalyzed high temperature reforming – VTT 2019
  • Niina Juutilainen, Renewable light gasoline hydroisomerization – VTT 2020


FILTECH 2019 Conference Proceedings

  • Novel sintered metal filter elements: Performance evaluation in biomass gasification conditions
  • Tuomi, S., Kurkela, E., Nieminen, M., Balzer, H., Wierhake, A., Kurkela, M. & Hiltunen, I., 22 Oct 2019, FILTECH 2019 – Conference proceedings. 10 p.

Presentations from the COMSYN Workshops

ITW1 – 1st Thematic Workshop, 18 – 19 April 2018, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe, Germany:

ITW2 – 2nd Thematic Workshop, 23 – 24 May 2019 in Prague and Litvinov, Czech Republic:

ITW3 – 3rd Thematic Workshop, 19 January 2021 – WEBINAR

  • WEBINAR on Compact Gasification and Synthesis for Flexible Production of Transport Fuels and Heat – results of two research projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme: COMSYN and FLEXCHX.  All_Presentations_Webinar_19.1.2021

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