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Upgrading of FT products into biofuel components

By Minna Kurkela / VTT

WP4 focuses on the upgrading of FT products into biofuel components, mainly diesel and gasoline. The target is to utilize all liquid and solid fractions from the FT synthesis in various oil refinery processes. The processing of all fractions derived from the bio-crude is complex and requires several processing steps.

Over the past months, FT-biocrude has been proven to be suitable for conventional fractionation used in refineries. Further experimental work on FT-crude upgrading is ongoing with novel hydroisomerisation catalysts. The FT-crude is exceptionally pure and therefore novel approaches on this refining step are possible.

Light and heavy naphtha FT-fractions distilled at UniCRE have been delivered to VTT, Finland. At VTT, hydroisomerization and reformation laboratory reactors are ready and first experiments will start during summer 2020. The target for these experiments is to show FT-crude suitability for high quality gasoline fuel and additives

The figure below shows the screening reactor of hydroisomerisation catalyst.

COMSYN hydroisomerisation catalyst screening pilot-scale facilities with the FT diesel fraction feed


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