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24.05.2019 / All

First batch of diesel tested in the second COMSYN workshop

By Johanna Kihlman / VTT

The second COMSYN workshop, Future of BTL Products in Europe, is currently on-going in Prague and Litvínov, Czech Republic. As the highlight of the first workshop day, the first batch of synthetic diesel from the COMSYN project was tested in a car show. The crude synthetic fuel was produced by VTT Mobile Synthesis Unit (MOBSU) which uses innovative Fischer-Tropsch reactor technology by INERATEC. UniCRE, our host in the workshop, has upgraded the the crude into high-quality diesel fuel, which is suitable for any diesel car.

The current batch is from the pre-trials of the MOBSU unit. In June, MOBSU will be integrated with the biomass gasification and gas cleaning processes. This will enable the production of fuels from various biomass, such as wood chips, demolition wood and agricultural waste. The first test runs, which combine the entire process train, are scheduled for this autumn.

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